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Nature’s Science for Hair Perfection

SATINY is designed to enhance hair growth and prevent hair fall, utilizing a blend of age-old wisdom and cutting-edge technology. This unique formula, a product of extensive research backed by the University of Colombo, merges the best of the scientific and natural worlds. It combines amazing herbal concoctions derived from a nature-nurture formula focused on the Quality of Life. SATINY, enriched with nourishing and enhancing ingredients, serves as an unmatched stimulator for healthy and lustrous hair. Its ingredients, inspired by advanced aromatherapy, not only provide a pleasant fragrance but also invigorate hair follicles, addressing many aspects related to hair health.



Alternanthera sessilis

Eclipta prostrate

Indigofera tincloris

Extra Virgin Coconut oil


The activity of the alpha-reductase enzyme is a key factor in hair loss. SATINY is enriched with ingredients scientifically developed to block this enzyme’s function, which helps in decreasing hair fall and encouraging hair regeneration.

For Whom

Everyone who values their hair’s health and appearance can benefit from using SATINY, enjoying the transformation to a more gorgeous and vibrant look.

How to use

Apply three to five drops of Satiny on the skull and gently massage for a couple of minutes, preferably during the night hours before going to sleep. Then, taking a shower in the morning gives the most beneficial results.

Research, Product Development & Certifications

The alpha reductase blocking mechanism of Satiny is scientifically tested in invitro conditions by Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of University of Colombo – Sri Lanka.

Mr Yoshell
Mr YoshellFrom Colombo
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Just tried Satiny.Good Product Recommended 💪❤
Ms Perera
Ms PereraFrom kalutara
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Been a week with Satiny and my hair feels better. Hope it continues. 🤝🥰
Mrs Anoma Ranasinghe
Mrs Anoma RanasingheFrom Negombo
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Satiny's a game changer for hair problems. Seeing real results. Thank you very much SATINY 💐
Mr Kuma Peiris
Mr Kuma PeirisFrom Moratuwa
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People who want to grow loosen hair back, please try once and get the results.
Ishini Clara Senewirathna
Ishini Clara SenewirathnaFrom Awissawella
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Fadna Life Science Thank you for the information. Honestly, I noticed results from the very first day of using the product. Usually, I wake up with 10-15 hairs falling out, but on the initial day of using the oil, I only experienced a loss of 2 hairs. I've been using it daily for the past 4 days, and there's a noticeable reduction in hair loss. I highly recommend this product. ❤️.

4 reviews for SATINY

  1. Suneth Bandara

    Just tried Satiny.Good Product Recommended. this is my 2nd order

  2. Hemal Bandara

    Best product. All my hair problems were solved ❤️🤜🏼🤛🏼

  3. Shermila jayasuriya

    I hadlot of hair problems hair loosing ,baby hair etc.but now feel soo good. Wanna try more.highly recommend

  4. Sudharma

    I used it , very good product Made in Sri Lanka , happy to recommended it.

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