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ORTHO-SHIELD, a well-refined conglomerate of natural ingredients with higher levels of pain relieving potentials, enhances the absorption properties of active herbal ingredients stimulating and smoothening painful joints and muscles with rapid and long-lasting relief effects.



Ubiquitous natural shielding processes used by phenomenal therapeutic herbal ingredients have been applied as per certain astounding findings of extensive research work backed by the University of Colombo, to try out a hitherto unexplored approach of executing pain relieving techniques revolving around nature – nurture formula based on the concept of Quality of Life that helps everyone enjoy the best in life.
Cocos nucifera oil, Aloe vera, Menta piperita, Gaultheria fragrantissime oil, Piper nigrum oil, Capsicum annuum
Active herbal ingredients, processed and formulated into a comprehensive lotion to enhance absorption and penetration to activate the reactionary process that brings quick relief from long lasting pain. Once applied on the painful area, Ortho Shield stimulates the nerves and smoothens the painful joints and muscles.
For Whom
Those who have muscle and joint pains except for children and pregnant/lactating mothers.
How To Use
Clean the affected area with warm water and apply the lotion twice a day.
When to Use
As and when you get muscle and joint pains.

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